10.00am – 4.00pm daily.

Meeting, interacting and connecting with a cat is one of life’s absolute joys.

Pat-A-Cat is one of the most popular attractions at any Cat Lovers Show and will surely be a highlight in 2022!

Very few Cats are suited to coming to busy public events so, whilst we’d love to showcase more cats at the Show, we’re thrilled to announce that a bounty of around 100 beautiful cats will grace us with their presence over the weekend!

How Pat-A-Cat works

  • There will be eight (8) cat pods, open from 10am until 4pm each day.
  • Show staff will direct visitors through the area, and manage the time visitors spend with cats. Demand is always very high, so long wait times frequently occur. We promise to do our best to welcome as many visitors as possible to Pat-A-Cat, and greatly appreciate visitors who show patience and understanding.
  • Visitors will have around 10 minutes to meet numerous cats and, subject to the handler’s permission, also pat them. Felines being felines, some may be napping in their crates, while the more confident and spritely kitties will prance about enjoying their adoring fans – YOU!
  • Cat welfare is paramount and we’re committed to ensuring no cat’s wellbeing is compromised in any way. Handlers will be close by at all times to protect each cat’s welfare, and provide visitors with trusted, reliable information about each breed. Some cats may become uncomfortable in foreign, busy environments, so we ask visitors to be understanding if a handler decides a cat should not be petted at that time.

Enjoying the unique company of feline friends has many human health and wellbeing benefits which is why we’re certain Pat-A-Cat will be star attraction again this year, providing the purrfect opportunity for humans to release some feel-good endorphins at this year’s Show.

Attending Breeds

We have secured an amazing selection of cat breeds, with more to be added prior to the Show:

AbyssinianAmerican ShorthairAustralian Mist
British ShorthairBurmese
Cornish Rex
Domestic Cats
Donskoy Sphynx
Exotic Shorthair
Maine Coon
MandalayNorwegian Forest Cat
Russian Blue
Scottish Shorthair
Scottish Fold
SiameseToyger& More!