What a wonderful first Cat Lovers Show we have just experienced – we PUT THE WOW IN MEOW and over 20,000 visitors helped to celebrate the wonderful world of Cats like never before in Melbourne! Thanks to all the Cat-Loving visitors who turned out in force to make the inaugural event a sold-out success, we don’t think there’s ever been so much love in one room for our felines

The very first major feline festival in Australia dedicated to educating, informing & entertaining Cat lovers took place at the magnificent Royal Exhibition Building was held on September 8th and 9th 😺

The Show presented over 12 feline-inspired visitor attractions and lots of opportunities to meet a wide array of beautiful Cats.  One of our objectives was to raise awareness for Cat rescue and increase adoptions whilst educating people about responsible and committed cat ownership, so we encouraged you to visit the Cat Adoption Zone and dedicated Cat Adoption Stage.

Visitors were encouraged to add a little feline-flair to their outfits on the day to make it the biggest Cat-dress up party in Australia! At 1.45pm daily in the PET CIRCLE COLOSSEUM we presented the Kitty-Cosplay CATwalk Fashion Purrade with a $500 daily cash prize for the best outfit!

We knew visitors loved meeting so many Cats under one roof, and that guests respected every Cat’s personal space, always asking the handler before approaching or touching any Cats at the event. On behalf of our passionate team including our Exhibitors, Sponsors, Partners, Breeders, Rescue Groups, Presenters and Volunteers, we hoped our guests celebrated and learnt more about our wonderful feline friends over the weekend.

It was heaven for Cat lovers and as once patrons bought their tickets, everything they saw and did at the Show was FREE – check out a summary of the key attractions that were held at the Show below.

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Key attractions at the 2018 Show included:

  • Discovering everything you needed to know about providing a loving home for a Cat in need in the Cat Adoption Zone with dozens of rescue groups having taken part, experts were on hand and a dedicated Cat Adoption Stage with talks from leading shelters.
  • Entertaining and educational demonstrations in the PET CIRCLE COLOSSEUM that showcased some amazing Cat-talents that you had to see to believe including CATMANTOO and his world-record holding skateboarding Cats ‘Didga’ & ‘Boomer‘ plus trainer-extraordinaire Kelly Gill and her TV star kitty ‘Tigger’.
  • EduCATional talks on the ROYAL CANIN STAGE for a healthier, happier feline by trusted experts, celebrity vets & behaviour experts including Dr Katrina WarrenDr Harry Cooper, Rose Horton, Dr Jo Righetti and Nat Geo Wild and Wild Animal Encounter’s own Ben Britton.
  • The Pro Plan and Tidy Cats Breed Showcase provided visitors with the opportunity to meet and learn more about a wide array of wonderful cats and kittens from respected breeders to better understand lifestyle requirements, temperament and characteristics. More than 30 breeds were at the show including American Shorthair, Bengal, Burmese, Birman, Cheetoh, British Shorthairs, Cornish Rex, Devon Rex, Donskoy, Exotics, Lykoi, Maine Coon, Ocicat Persians, Ragdolls, Selkirk Rex, Siamese, Snowshoes, Sphynx and Tonkinese – it was one of the most comprehensive collections of kitties in Australia under one roof!
  • The purfect place that gave you the chance to see, compare and buy all the latest and greatest Cat products and services to spoil your kitty with 120+ exhibitors, stacks of new product launches and exclusive show specials.
  • The Herald Sun Purrfect Paws & Prosecco Parlour was a nail art polishing paradise with visitors being able to enjoy a glass of bubbly whilst their paws were pampered by the best nail technicians in the world from Clara H Nails who has collaborated with notable names in the fashion industry. Clara H is the ‘go-to’ nail artist for her nail art in Melbourne for Serena Williams and Katy Perry!
  • Kids and grown-ups loved the opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with felines of all shapes, sizes and breeds from kittens to adults in the Pidan Pat-A-Cat zone.
  • If you were looking for your next fur-friend then you couldn’t of missed the Purrfect Match Zone to compare and learn more about over 50 Cat breeds on giant posters that helped you gather all the information needed to make an informed decision on selecting your next Cat.
  • You got free vet, behaviour, grooming and training advice in the Ask-An-Expert zone – without the bill!
  • Free Feline Face Painting, a Funny Photo Wall and Cat-art & Craft activities (kids got to make their own Catnip!) in the GET CATTY! Kitty-Kids Zone!
  • Visitors entered the Major Door Prize at the show via iPads at the entry points and went into the draw to WIN a cat-pack full of fantastic goodies for thei Puss worth over $1,500.

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CATcha at next years Show!

Jason Humphris
Cat Lovers Show Creator