Tonks are very smart, playful, affectionate & cuddly cats.  

This isn’t a stand-offish breed that eats & leaves, or spends most of it’s time sleeping.  They love spending time with their owners, playing with toys or just sitting on your lap. You can even train them to retrieve – I’ve had a couple that retrieved a stick or ball better than my dogs do!  Amongst enthusiasts, Tonks are known affectionately as “the dogs of the cat world”.  They’re also excellent hunters – you’ll never have a mouse problem!

Stand Number: Breed Showcase

Show Specials

$50 discount on purchase price of kittens, for attendees of the Cat Lovers Show.

Conditions:  Must sign up for the discount at my stand.
All usual conditions of purchase will apply (see my website for details).

Usual price for Tonkinese kittens is $850.  Discounted price is $800