Purr-Central was built specifically for the purpose of pampering cats and was architecturally designed with privacy, security and luxurious comfort as its focus.

CCTV has been installed throughout the building and windows are fitted in each individual suite. With plastered walls separating each suite, our guests are not intimidated by their neighbours and can relax, feeling confident within their own space.

Cat ownership brings a great deal of happiness and love to a home, but it can also bring uncertainty about where to leave them when you go away.  We have replicated a ‘home’ environment at Purr-Central with piped music throughout the building, TV, interactive toys, lounging benches, three levels of sleeping areas, private outside garden terrace, window perch, fresh country air and personal one on one time for all guests.  All this is what makes Purr-Central the purrfect place for your fur baby while you can relax and enjoy your holiday knowing they are safe, relaxed and enjoying theirs in the very best accommodation available.

Stand Number: 476