How to calm pet anxiety, relieve noise stress and restore pet behaviour with special specie-specific music. on stand 308 will introduce to cat owners and pet professionals, a new innovative tool to help cats calm feline anxiety, reduce noise phobic stress and restore cats
behavioural balance naturally.

Pet Tunes for Felines is a science based music, specially composed for the cat’s acute hearing frequency to relieve environmental induced stress. A research study by Pet Acoustics measured cats hearing sensitivity to be over 3 times more sensitive to sounds compared to human hearing range. Explaining why cats are alerted to noise well before being audible to humans.
A scientific break-through, the study discovered each pet-species frequency levels that triggers behavioural change such as anxiety, agitation fear or noise phobic response.

Pet Tunes for felines is specie-specific music, specially composed for a cat’s hearing frequency, then digitally modified to divert anxiety alerts and restore a calmed behaviour naturally. Cats use sound and volume as their natural tool for survival. will be demonstrating Pet Tunes for Felines at the first Cat Lovers Show in Melbourne. Truely an amazing product for cats with clinically proven testing and approved by veterinarians, animal behaviourist, animal hospital clinics worldwide.

Stand Number: 242

New Product

A new innovative tool clinically proven and approved by veterinarians to clam noise phobias, environmental stress, nocturnal activities, calm travel stress.