How to calm pet anxiety, relieve noise stress and restore pet behaviour with special specie-specific music.

How do you naturally calm Cat Anxiety behaviour?

Cat owners struggling with anxious cat behaviour are recommended to visit thePetCalmer stand for an innovative cat anxiety solution.

Pet Tunes for Felines (Cats) is science based music just for cats acute hearing sensitivity to calm anxiety behaviour within minutes.

The science behind Pet Tunes is a special process of digitally modified frequencies when played, trigger a natural anxiety relief for cats to calm stress, reduce noise phobic fear and restore an emotional balance to relax.

Clinically tested and approved by veterinarians, Pet Tunes music is the preferred tool to calm a cats environmental stress, reduce thunderstorm nerves, nocturnal activity, travel stress, provide healthy emotional experiences for cats at home and visits to veterinary clinic. The music is ideal for grooming, litter training, resolving excessive urination and easing aggressive agitation.

Pet Tunes specie-specific music is a ground breaking discovery for pet professionals and owners to influence behavioural change for their pets wellbeing.

At thePetCalmer, we love our Cats, Dogs, Horses and pet Birds.

That’s why there’s a PET TUNES specific to Dogs, Horses and pet Birds hearing sensitivity for owners to naturally manage their animal’s behaviour.

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Pet Tunes for Felines (Cats)
“We know from scientific studies, stress in cats is a trigger leading to feline
Pet Tunes music for Cats is a Bluetooth speaker pre-loaded with frequencymodified
music specially composed for the cat hearing frequency to calm
anxious and nocturnal stress behaviours.
Pet Tunes is science based music clinically proven to calm anxious feline
behaviour, reduce nocturnal activity and restore a relaxed behavioural
balance for a cats wellbeing. Calming music is a natural therapy for cat

New Product

“What to give your Cat before Christmas?”
Pet Tunes Holiday music is a new product pre-loaded with 14 tracks of
spirited holiday music designed to gently soothe your Cat and Dog behaviour
through a noisey festive season.
Our Cats live with high hearing sensitivity to noise, often a cause leading to
anxiety or illness. Pet Tunes Holiday will help cats and dogs relax and enjoy
their Christmas too.
Pet Tunes Music is pre-loaded on bluetooth speaker making it easy for travel
and use around the home. Makes a great gift for veterinarians, groomers
and pet-sitters or valued pet friends caring and living with behavioural pets.