Moonglow is a unique concept that brings jewellery to life!

We are a line of handcrafted jewellery for owners and pets that captures a special moment in time by finding and carefully depicting what the moon looked like on that day.
Pick any date you want to commemorate- your birth or that of your furry children, the day you took your new little best friend home, or even a loved ones passing and find the exact moon phase on that special date. Get your dates ready & come experience Moonglow!

Stand Number: 526

Show Specials

Come and whisper “Take me to the Moon!!” at our stall and we will offer you a $5 discount.

New Product

Steeped in mystery, myth, and symbolism, the black cat has been a part of our world’s cultural history since the dawn of time. Come and get yours with the moon on your special day!