Integrated Cat Care with Kitty Kitchen

At Kitty Kitchen we love all things natural when it comes to caring for own two rescue girls Nara and Cookie. Inspired by them, we have developed a hand-blended range of feline botanical wellness mists to help soothe and calm anxious cats using Australian Bush Flower essences, Findhorn Flower essences and plant hydrosols.

We also have blends to help with separation anxiety, recovery from illness or surgery and to help calm and soothe an itchy coat and skin. All natural, cat safe, purrfectly lickable and great to use alongside traditional veterinary medicine. We also offer a curated range of eco and natural cat toys, bowls, litter trays, crystal lamps and handmade catnip toys to die for, especially for cats (and their parents) that care about the environment.

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Show Specials

Interested in learning more about your cat’s chakras and the feline energy system?

Visit our booth to download your free copy of our brand new ebook ‘Cat Chakras: Understanding the Feline Energy System’.

Duo Pack: Cat Chakra blend and Celtic Calm feline botanical mists for $32.00 (20% off)