At K9Natural, we believe that the best nutrition for your cat comes from a diet high in free range, grass-fed meat.

Our pets are much like us and they thrive on a diet that is healthy, natural and lightly processed. Our special recipe is handmade in our kitchen to bring your cat a diet rich in nutrients and to help your cat live a healthy and vibrant lifestyle.

K9Natural is ideal for allergy prone cats, promotes healthy coat and skin and helps to support weight management. Our high meat diet naturally contains a high omega 3 and low omega 6 ratio which helps improve inflammatory conditions that can affect a cat’sjoints and skin.

We will have our treats and freeze dried food on the stand and some samples to hand out. So come and visit us at the k9natural stand for more information.

Naturally Better.

Inspired by our beautiful New Zealand environment, guided by world leading science, K9 Natural provides the Best Blends of Nature in nutrition for cats and dogs.

We combine only the best ingredients to create a high-meat diet packed with energy and nutrients. GRAIN FREE. We only use sustainable, free-range, and grass-fed ingredients. With taste a top priority, our truly unique blends of cat food and cat food are ones that your pet will crave.

Stand Number: 440