Cheetoh cats are the perfect balance of a sweet natured lap-cat and a wild looking adventurer.

They have a dependable, docile nature and interact well with people as well as other cats and dogs – a busy and noisy family is no problem.

The Cheetoh has a super affectionate nature and real love for their human companions; they are intelligent with the ability to learn quickly.

They have a gentle and mild-mannered but energetic temperament and therefore do great in homes with children. Their amazing coat pattern consists of lots of spots and a few stripes for good measure, replicating the look of their wild counterparts.

The Cheetoh was first researched and developed in the U.S.A in 2001, the first litters of cubs arrived in 2003. Other qualified breeders throughout the United States were invited to participate in the Cheetoh breeding program.

They hold the distinctive characteristics of both their foundation breeds, the Ocicat and Bengal; however, the head is slightly chiselled and the ears are more prominent than the Bengal.

The Cheetoh became a recognised registered breed with the United Feline Organization in November of 2004 and is currently working towards full registration with The International Cat Association (TICA).

In Australia, the Cheetoh is recognised in with Australian National Cats (ANCATS). LeopardUs Cheetoh Cats is a Member and a Registered Breeder through ANCATS.

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