Cat Napping Suburban Retreat are 3 unique indoor boarding catteries in Melbourne’s West, we are located in Hoppers Crossing, Caroline Springs and Spotswood.

We differ from others in Melbourne as being that we are suburban based it offers convenience for clients being close to their home and this in turn provides a less stressful car trip for the cat as well.

We offer our feline guests 4 different retreat sizes, unlike traditional boarding catteries that provide small cages; we call our cages ‘retreats’. And they are! Made from waterproof timber, they have a private, elevated sleep space with a woolen underlay and cosy plush blankets. Toileting areas are located away from sleeping areas and each retreat has cat toys and a scratch post. Meal choices, fresh cat grass and peace of mind for owners by receiving regular updates on their cat’s holiday via email, text and/or social media posts- are all a free bonus of choosing Cat Napping.

Stand Number: 478