It all started in 2015 when passionate business owner and pet-parent, Izzy from Melbourne decided to launch Aussie Pet Doors as an e-commerce store in the pet products market.

With over 29 million pets in Australia (including Izzy’s family Tabby Cat, Eddie), Aussie Pet Doors has become the nation’s one-stop shop for tailored pet solutions that provide functional access and pet accessories for all pet-households across Australia.

Izzy was later joined by business partner and friend Fred, in assisting thousands and thousands of Aussie Pet Doors customers with their custom pet door installations, suited to the shortest and tallest furry friends – but it doesn’t just stop there.

In addition to supplying and installing sleek, high-quality customisable pet doors and flaps for Australian dogs and cats, Aussie Pet Doors have expanded the range to Innovative Products, which include training toys, travel, bedding and grooming pet supplies from our self-branded variety and leading manufacturers.

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