10.00am – 4.00pm daily.

Meeting, interacting and connecting with a Cat is one of life’s absolute joys.

Animal experts and Cat owners alike all agree that there are SO many amazing benefits of living with and enjoying the unique company of our wonderful feline friends.

The Pat-A-Cat feature was one of the most popular attractions at the last Cat Lovers Show so we have relocated it to the Gallery Level to allow us to double the size of the zone with three times as many Cats so more visitors can experience it!

It’s the purrfect place to go for a mini-de-stress, to release feel-good endorphins and experience some joy and calmness at the Show! Snuggle, cuddle and pat some incredible Cats, in a variety of shapes and sizes with a handler on-hand at all times to provide trusted, reliable information on each Cat!

The health and well-being of Cats is paramount, and we need to respect that some Cats are not comfortable in foreign, busy environments. So please understand that whilst there will be a lot more Cats in this zone than last year, not all of them enjoy being petted.

Some felines will be napping, some will be in crates and no doubt many of the more confident kitty’s will be prancing about the feature enjoying their adoring fans.

How it works

There will be eight stations from 10:00am – 4:00pm daily whereby 24 visitors at a time will be given 10 minutes to meet, pat and cuddle with all the Cats in the feature. If 10 minutes doesn’t satisfy your kitty fix, just join the end of the queue and do it all over again!
Please be aware that this is a highly popular feature & long waits may occur. Visitors will be asked to return at another time should the wait exceed 1 hour.