Kitty CosPlay CATwalk Competition


12.30pm daily.

Visitors are encouraged to add a little feline-flair to their outfits on the day, to make The Cat Lovers Show the biggest cat-dress up party in Australia!

The Kitty-Cosplay CATwalk Fashion Purrrade is returning on the BLACK HAWK STAGE each day of the show!

Add a little feline-flair to your outfits on the day to make it the biggest Cat-dress up party in Australia! The Kitty-Cosplay CATwalk Fashion Purrade  will be returning with a daily prize for the best outfit!

This is an all-ages event – where the fanciest-feline-fashion will be showcased with guests sashaying down the CATwalk!  Finalists will be selected each day and the winning costume will be decided by the audience and our Cosplay MC Lisa Fremder!

Register your entry here, closer to the show!