Kitty CosPlay CATwalk


1.45pm Saturday and Sunday

Visitors are encouraged to add a little feline-flair to their outfits on the day, to make The Cat Lovers Show the biggest cat-dress up party in Australia!

A purrtastic first – the inaugural Kitty-Cosplay CATwalk Fashion Purrrade was held on the PET CIRCLE COLOSSEUM at 1:45pm on each day of the show!

It was a chance for guests to strut their stuff, with a $500 cash prize that was awarded each day to the outfit that displayed the most creativity, quirkiness and personality.

It was an all-ages event – where the fanciest-feline-fashion was showcased with guests sashaying down the CATwalk!  5 finalists were selected each day and the winning costume was decided by the audience and our MC extraordinaire Brodie Young!

If you needed an outfit, Rose Chong Costumieres was our official CATwalk partner and they were based just near the venue at 218 Gertrude St, Fitzroy. For full details click here to visit their website.

Entries were limited to around 50 paw-ticipants each day, so we recommended participants to pre-register to secure their spot and avoid grumpy cat syndrome…

Entries to the 2018 event are closed, check back for next years purtastic event:

Kitty CosPlay