Kitty CosPlay CATwalk


9:30am – 5pm daily.

Visitors are encouraged to add a little feline-flair to their outfits on the day, to make The Cat Lovers Show the biggest cat-dress up party in Australia!

The Kitty-Cosplay CATwalk Fashion Purrrade is returning on the BLACK HAWK COLOSSEUM each day of the show!

Add a little feline-flair to your outfits on the day to make it the biggest Cat-dress up party in Australia! The Kitty-Cosplay CATwalk Fashion Purrade  will be returning with a daily cash prize for the best outfit!

This is an all-ages event – where the fanciest-feline-fashion will be showcased with guests sashaying down the CATwalk!  5 finalists will be selected each day and the winning costume will be decided by the audience and our MC extraordinaire Brodie Young!

Entries were limited to around 50 paw-ticipants each day, so we recommended participants to pre-register to secure their spot and avoid grumpy cat syndrome…

Register your entry here, closer to the show!