Ground Level


9:30am – 5pm daily.

Download 2018 Royal Canin Stage Timetable (pdf 380 KB)

The Royal Canin Stage will present expert tips for a healthier, happier Cat!

The Royal Canin Stage will present free talks and demonstrations from a range of Cat experts and celebrity vets.

Visitors will discover everything they need to know for a healthier, happier Cat with topics covering medical, behaviour, nutrition, training, responsible Cat ownership, de-sexing, breed selection, training and how to solve those common Cat conundrums.

We’ve already put together an impressive line-up of speakers including celebrity vets Dr Katrina Warren & Dr Harry Cooper, animal behaviourists and advocates Dr Jo Righetti & Rose Horton, Cat trainer Kelly Gill and Wild Animal Encounters director Ben Britton!

Find detailed descriptions for each talk below and a PDF timetable to the top right.