The Royal Canin Stage will present expert tips for a healthier, happier Cat!

The Royal Canin Stage is the ultimate education destination to learn all about out favourite felines.

Discover everything you need to know to have a healthier, happier Cat, with presentations from Australia’s leading vets, experts, trainers and behaviourists.

Dr Katrina Warren will be the MC all day, as well as presenting the lowdown on how to give your Cat a happy and enriched life indoors and how to keep your pets in purrfect harmony.

Celebrity Vet Dr Harry Cooper will run through the top ten most common health problems and how you can solve them, as well as choosing the right Cat for your lifestyle.

Nat Geo Wild and Wild Animal Encounters own Ben Britton will run through the similarities between wild and domesticated Cats.

Behaviourists Rose Horton will teach you how to speak Cat, whilst Dr Jo Righetti will teach you about common Cat behaviour problems.

Cats love to learn and Kelly Gill will show you how to train your own Cat to respond to commands including sit, stay and recall.

Don’t miss out on this incredible showcase of talent.

Find detailed descriptions for each talk below and a PDF timetable to the top right.