PETstock Stage


10:30am – 4:00pm daily.

The PETstock Stage was the ultimate education destination to learn more about the health and well-being of our fantastic felines.

Discovering everything you need to know about your cat, what makes them tick, and how to better care for them (if they let you!), was the focus of talks on the all-new PETstock Stage.

Boasting one of the most comprehensive educational programs for cat lovers ever seen in Australia, the line-up included headlining cat experts Dr. Chris Brown, and Jackson Galaxy (USA).

Dr Chris Brown was LIVE on stage! 

We all know the highly sought after celebrity vet Dr Chris from his work helping animals on TV’s “Harry’s Practice”, “Burke’s Backyard”, “Bondi Vet”, “The Living Room” and “Vet Gone Wild”. On our PETstock Stage, Dr Chris covered:

  • ‘The big meowdical news you might have missed’ and
  • ‘How to dodge a year of health hiccups’ for your cat.

Jackson Galaxy was beamed LIVE from LA!

The Animal Planet show “My Cat from Hell”, a global phenomenon, has elevated its star and executive producer Jackson Galaxy from shelter worker to become America’s official ‘Cat Daddy’! International travel challenges meant Jackson could not be live in person, so instead, he presented two daily talks via satellite:

  • ‘Shortcuts to Cat Confidence’ and
  • ‘Environmental Enrichment (Catification) followed by an interactive Q&A.

But wait! There was MUCH more…

Dr Chris and Jackson joined an impressive speaker line-up including Dr Katrina Warren, Kelly Gill, Rose Horton, Lara Shannon, Alex Hecker and Brodie Young (PETstock Stage MC). Check out the timetable below for biographies and details of every presenter’s talks.