10:30am – 4:00pm daily.

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The Royal Canin® Stage is the ultimate education destination to learn more about the health and well-being of our fantastic felines.

The Royal Canin Stage presents one of the most comprehensive educational programs ever held in Australia for Cat lovers, with a wide range of the very best feline experts from around the country. Discover everything you need to know about your Cat, what makes them tick and how to better care for them (if they let you!).

Dr Chris Brown

Acclaimed Australian vet, TV presenter and author, Dr Chris has appeared on numerous TV programs in Australia and internationally, including Harry’s Practice, Bondi Vet, The Living Room and Vet Gone Wild for Animal Planet (US). It is the first time Dr Chirs has presented at the Cat Lovers Show so this is one speaker you expect


Dr Katrina Warren

Popular TV vet, Dr Katrina is our official MC again and passionate about Cats and has even hosted three series of Housecat Housecall for Animal Planet (US).


Kelly Gill

Kelly is one of the most highly sought after animal trainers for TV and film. Kelly has trained animals for hundreds of television, advertising and  film roles including RSVP, Optus, Petbarn, McDonalds and more including a range of talented Cats!.


Dr Danni Dusek

Graduate of Melbourne University’s Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (Distinction). Works at Kingston Veterinary Hospital in Mentone, Victoria. Passionate about volunteering for Pets in the Park, helping the homeless care for their pets and is Australia’s newest Bondi Vet which is about to hit TV screens across the country.


Rosalie ‘Rose’ Horton

Experienced animal advocate, Rose has worked as a qualified animal scientist, zoo keeper, behaviourist, veterinary nurse, and animal trainer as well as in conservation of big Cats in Africa. Rose is also the founder of leading animal behavior consultancy ‘Animal Behaviour Experts’.