Pet Circle Colosseum

The Pet Circle Colosseum will feature many of Australia’s most talented Cats in action!

A host of incredible shows will excite Cat lovers at the Pet Circle Colosseum! Playing host to some of Australia’s best Cat  experts, trainers and entertainers, the program will offer interactive presentations, demonstrations and all the tips and tricks to help you demystify the wonderful world of Cats!

Catmantoo will blow you away with performances and demonstrations featuring Didga and Boomer – the worlds most famous feline skateboarders.

Australia’s much loved vet Dr Harry Cooper will present the ‘Meet the Breeds’ Showcase. It’s a great opportunity to meet and learn more about a wide range of interesting breeds of all shapes and sizes.

Kelly Gill  (of Wonderdogs fame) will have her amazing cat Tigger- best known as the ginger kitty in a swag of advertisements and TV commercials on stage and will teach you just how to train your Cat – and that Cats can do tricks too, as well as the rags-to-riches story of Tigger the Wondercat going from rescue cat to royalty!

Dr Kimberley Chainey and Dr Carla Paszowski from Pet Circle will present some fun and innovative ways to get your indoor kitty moving and busting that unwanted pudge in Cat Fat Blasters!

Don’t miss out on the chance to see these fantastic felines in the flesh in these entertaining, interactive and engaging presentations, and empower yourself with the tools to engage with your Cat at a new level!

Find detailed descriptions for each presentation below and a PDF timetable to the top right.