Black Hawk Stage


10:00am – 3:45pm daily.

Download Black Hawk Stage Timetable (pdf 421 KB)

The Black Hawk Stage will feature experts talk and some of Australia’s most talented Cats in action!

A host of incredible presentations will excite Cat lovers at the Black Hawk Stage! Presenting some of Australia’s best Cat experts, trainers and entertainers, the program offers interactive presentations, demonstrations and all the tips and tricks that help demystify the wonderful world of Cats!


Robert Dowlett, has over 35 years experience as an animal trainer/behaviourist. From the US to Gold Coast, Catmantoo help cat owners learn the proper way to train their cats. To top the cake, his cat Didga is the most talented cat in the world holding a Guinness World record for tricks, plus has a few hundred million video views on Youtube, and over a million followers on Facebook. New kid on the block, Bindi is ready to prowl the Cat Lovers Show too.

Kelly Gill

Highly sought after animal trainer for tv and film. Trainer of hundreds of television, advertising & film roles including RSVP, Optus, Petbarn, McDonalds and more.  Kelly lives on a property in the Hunter Valley, NSW and shares her life at home with her partner Rob, 9 border collies, a Jack Russell, Tigger the cat, a miniature pony and a Horse

Dr Kate Mornement:  Applied Animal Behaviourist, consultant, educator and media spokesperson. Kate is an Associate Editor of the open access journal Pet Behaviour Science and member of the Association of Animal Behaviour Professionals (AABP) and the International Association of Animal Behaviour Consultants (IAABC). Kate has consulted pet owners experiencing behavioural difficulties with their cats, dogs and parrots through her business Pets Behaving Badly since 2004.



Rosalie ‘Rose’ Horton: Qualified and experienced animal advocate. Worked as a qualified animal scientist, zoo keeper, behaviourist, veterinary nurse, and animal trainer as well as in conservation of big cats in Africa. Founder of animal behavior consultancy ‘Animal Behaviour Experts’.




Lisa Fremder: Lisa loves a costume! Fairy Storyteller on The Melbourne Star, aquatic mermaid at SeaLife Melbourne Aquarium. Fun fact: Lisa’s own cat, Oliver, was named after the main feline in Disney’s ‘Oliver and Company’.




Kitty Cosplay: Add a little feline-flare to your outfit at the Cat Lovers Show for your chance to WIN $300! The Kitty Cosplay CATwalk Fashion Purrade returns to the Black Hawk Stage at 12:30 daily. Let’s make this Australia’s largest Cat dress-up party and get ready to purr-ade the stage in your Cat themed outfit. Click here to find out more!