Trouble & Trix Breed Showcase

Presented by Trouble & Trix, the Breed Showcase presents over 30 wonderful Cat breeds to meet and learn more about!

The Trouble & Trix Breed Showcase expands this year with an wonderful display of both popular and rare Cat breeds for visitors to get up close and pawsonable with. Members of The Governing Council of the Cat Fanciers, Australian National Cats (ANCATS), and  Feline Control Council Council are each represented in the zone.

Cats come in all shapes, sizes and colours with every feline having their own unique characteristics and lifestyle traits. The Trouble & Trix Breed Showcase  is a rare opportunity to gather trusted and reliable information on a wide range of Cats in one place, providing you with everything you need to know to find the perfect Cat for your home and lifestyle.

Expert breeders and members from these three leading Cat associations are on-hand to answer your questions relating to behaviour, training, medical and personality traits specific to each breed from kitten to adult.

Visitors are able to meet a wide range of breeds in our Pat-A-Cat Zone, with the opportunity to meet, pat and get to know the breed on a more personal level.

Our Purrfect Match display feature also helps visitors decide which are the best Breeds to suit their lifestyle with over large Information Posters detailing all you need  to know about 50+ Cat breeds.