Breed Showcase


Ground Level


9:30am – 5pm daily.

The Breed Showcase will bring a wide variety of Cat breeds for you to meet and learn more about!

The Breed Showcase presents a large range of Cat breeds for visitors to see, compare and cuddle.

Cats come in all shapes, sizes and colours, and certainly have their very own traits and personalities. This first 2018 Melbourne show Breed Showcase will be a rare opportunity to gather valuable information and learn more about a wide range of Cats, helping you find the perfect Cat for your home and lifestyle.

Visitors will be able to find some of these Breeds being featured at the Pat-A-Cat zone, where they have the opportunity to meet, cuddle and get to know the breed on a more personal level. Our Purrfect Match feature also helpes visitors decide which are the best Breeds to suit your lifestyle with a detailed questionnaire and large information posters on display.

Reputable breeders and representatives will also be on hand again to ensure visitors are equipped with all the right information to make an informed decision about selecting a new Cat or Kitten.