The Mandalay breed is a little known breed that originated in New Zealand some time in the 1980s. Two New Zealand breeders are credited with its creation which involved matings between Burmese cats and non – pedigree domestic cats.


The Mandalay is a breed within the Asian Group and as such, must conform in every way to the Burmese Standard for type, while coat colour is confined to traditional solid and broken colours

Grooming and Physical Needs

Size: medium

  • Grooming Needs: should be groomed once a week
  • Coat Type: short, fine and satin like
  • Moulting:
  • Exercise Needs: high level of activity
  • Average Life Span: 10-17 years
  • Healthcare:


  • Family: great pet for a family as they get along brilliantly with children and are very tolerant
  • Temperament: The Mandalay shares the same temperament as the Burmese. They are a very friendly, sweet natured cat who thrive off attention
  • Trainability:
  • Sociability (Other Pets): very good with other pets
  • Meowing: moderate